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My Personal Fiction Writing Master Class

I am writing a new book. This time it will be my first sci-fi book. I have experience writing non-fiction, but writing fiction is something I promised myself I would do but never did. A year ago I decided to go back to an old idea I had 20 years ago. Yes, some things can take a little bit of time to get to. But, if Louise in Steel Magnolias could have been in a very bad mood for 40 years, I guess I can be excused for sitting on a sci-fi book idea for 20 years.

On closer inspection the original idea (codename “Revenge”) turned out to be a good third book, but not a good first book, because I think some things need to be explained before I get to the third book in the series.

Actually, it is not important whether there will be a whole series of books or not, what matters is that when I abandoned the original idea and went on an expedition to explore a side-plot my creativity was suddenly on fire and I got out of a creative block I was stuck in for a few months. It was so effective that I got the outline and the first three chapters out of my head in three weeks.

I really like to feel the creative side of my brain buzzing with activity. Contrary to what you may be thinking, I don’t spend all of my time writing, but rewriting and learning more about the craft of writing fiction. Thanks to the internet I don’t have to take classes or join an esteemed society to learn how to write a book. These days I can simply go to YouTube, listen to the best authors and learn a lot about the process.

In case you want to learn how to write, I created a playlist of my favorite author talks. If you do not like the playlist interface, here are the direct links to the videos on that list. I also included links to the books by those authors. I chose those videos where the authors talk about the craft of writing, not those that are solely intended as promotional appearances.

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