Gift Ideas: The Art of Star Wars

Every few months my family has a real problem getting me gifts. No, I’m not one of those guys who have everything, but I do not necessarily desire the things ‘normal’ guys want. That is why I decided to start a series of posts on the subject of gift ideas. These will be things I own or wouldn’t mind receiving as a gift.

Feel free to steal those ideas if you want to make the geek in your life smile. First, the always welcome classic, Star Wars. Now everyone likes the changes George Lucas has recently made to the old Star Wars movies, but everyone will appreciate a book on the subject. And ‘The Art of Star Wars’ must be the best illustrated book series on this subject. These books are not only great gifts for Star Wars fans, programmers, sysadmin, geeks, etc. but they also make great gifts for 2d/3d computer artists and animators.

Rare, hard to find editions are also available, but may be on the expensive side:

And, if there are any gaps in the movie collection, a DVD or BlueRay disc won’t go amiss: